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Strut mount rubber layer

oem mount has bonded rubber layer. as in not easy to separate. replacement mount does not have rubber layer, its ok to use as is?

Use the one on the left as is with no rubber

ok. done. pretty good. 3hrs. and i started at 11am
anything worth doing is worth doing twice. ha


Whenever I do a car repair job I’ve never done before, I just figure I’ll be doing it twice :wink: … rarely am I disappointed in that estimate.

I usually transfer the rubber spring insulator to the new mount, does it not fit the new mount?

Every time I’m in doubt, I would go YouTube to check how others are doing it, still confirms that “twice the time” rule, but at least the first part of it happens on a couch :slight_smile:

some brands of struts say to not use the lower spring cushion. but my struts had no instructions. and the mounts had no instructions. just no rubber layer.

Drive it some and pay attention to any new clunks and bumps. If things are working OK, you win, if not you might have to do the job again and put in the rubber layer pieces you saved on the shelf. Third time’s the charm.