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Strut mounts

why would someone install new struts and not mounts

In my experience the mounts did not have to be replaced every time the struts were. On our Geo Prizm the mounts went through two sets of struts (about 200K miles) before they needed replacement.

On some vehicles it’s not necessary…on others it is. What vehicle we talking about??

Hey jayhawkroy,

How do you know when to replace struts, strut mounts on Prizms? My car has 119k on the odometer, a 94 Prizm. I feel bumps hard on the front, when I sit on the back seat I feel less thumps on potholes.Which struts need to be replaced more often? Have you bought KYB, Tokico or Monroe? I am thinking of having the front struts replaced. I wonder if I need to replace the mounts too? Thanks.

Strut mounts are quite rugged and seldom need replacement. Some shops do so automatically to avoid having to make a decision on their condition. Also, it’s a few bucks extra profit. I see no problem with using the existing strut mounts if they appear in good condition.

On some Camrys and Avalons the mounts have to be replaced much before the struts, go figure.

Because a visual inspection of the strut mount did not indicate the need to.

Hi, I let my mechanic make the call. The Prizm used Monroes and they held up well. Rears went first, around 40K miles, and early in my opinion, but the Monroe replacements did well. Never have used KYB or Tokico.

I would let your mechanic make the call on the mounts. If there is any doubt about their performance, I recommend going ahead and replacing. Reason is that struts are a one or two time replacement event in the car’s lifetime, so you can easily plan a preventive replacement, and receive the benefits of the new parts. I still use 100K miles, as a prudent mileage to replace anyway.

I had mentioned Tokico because I think Tokico is Corolla’s and Prizm’s OEM strut brand.After 119k miles this is going to be the first replacement in my case.Maybe they are OK but I would like a more comfortable ride if possible. Decided on the side of KYB GR-2 struts.

The struts on the car might even be fine, I am not sure. Is there a way to tell for sure that struts are worn? Apart from pushing down the car method? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply…