Stripped Torx Tricky Place — Help!


I’m pretty defeated. I was trying to take off the intake manifold on my mk6 GTI and stripped two torx bolts because I used the wrong bit before I realized the problem (facepalm). There isn’t much room so it’s hard to get just about anything in there.

So far I’ve tried:

  • A drill bit that’s supposed to extract them. I couldn’t get a good angle on it + it didn’t even seem like it was going into the screw head. Didn’t work, maybe I was doing it wrong?

  • getting a portable Dremel tool and cutting a notch for a flathead. This in theory could’ve worked for one of them (a little bit more space), but I also didn’t have a good angle on it, so this didn’t work either and I pretty much just ruined the head of the screw. RIP

Here is a picture of the most constrained bolt

I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice as to how I could go about getting these screws out!

I appreciate any help you guys can offer !


Weld a nut to the Torx head. I can’t see the picture.

You could not drill the bolt because it is hardened steel. As hard as your drill bit. You need a carbide drill bit. But you will likely snap the easy-out off in the hole.

Craftsman sells an extractor set called Bolt-Out.

If there’s a straight shot at the stripped fastener, you can use the proper size tool, with an extension/socket, and pound it on the head of the fastener. Now as you turn the tool to remove the fastener, the tool grabs the head of the fastener tighter and tighter until the fastener loosens.

Saved my butt many times!