Stripped puzzle lock

how do i get the puzzle lock off of my car??? please help…

Bolt cutter.

sounds good…how do i get a bolt cutter in there…its inverted bult…

the key stripped from the tire shop trying to help me and then it just got worse from there…it’s not a regular lock nut…i was told about the 12 sided socket and to hammer it on but everyone thinks its a waste of my time…

Post a picture of this lock?

Go to a local parts store and get a socket like this to remove the anti-theft lug nut.


A cut-off wheel or cutting torch would make quick work of this problem, although the person using either better know what they are doing. If you have aluminum wheels in which the lug nut is recessed into a bolt hole, you may have to get a replacement wheel from a salvage yard and sacrifice this one to make your car serviceable again. Even a fluted socket like the one tester shows will not fit with some of those wheels.

Tester’s link is the industry standard. Saves the wheel, targets just the damaged lug nut. The flutes inside are reverse threaded, so the harder you torque it, the harder it grabs the sides of the stripped lug nut. Auto salvagers use them all the time.

Ahh. Wheel lock. The “puzzle” part threw me off, since there are such things as puzzle locks, and they’re not for wheels :wink:

I’ve dealt with wheels before where you had to have a special thin-walled socket to get the lugs on and off because the holes were so tight. If I recall they were these POS American Racing 13" dork-rims. The fluted socket would not have fit inside these things.

When I bought my Sienna in later 2001, I went to the dealer, showed them the special tool provided with the car, and bought a second one, which I keep in a different place in the car, so I have a back-up if someone does something stupid.

Dork rims is exactly correct. My Supra has recessed lugs, and they are quite long. But, there hasn’t been a lug wrench or socket, even a deep-well impact socket, that never failed to fit.