Stripped plug on aluminum head of engine

Need help!!! doing my 1st ever head gasket replacement and in doing so I stripped the shiizzz out of the access plug which was a 10m countersunk hex… I need to get this out in order to remove the screw mounting the timing chain guide to the head… please help!!!

A plug that large can be turned with a hammer and chisel.


Sorry for my lack of understanding but what do you mean?

Nevada means you take a chisel and make a dent on the side of the plug . Then hold the chisel at an angle , hit it with the hammer and after a few blows it will start to turn . Start with light taps at first for practice.

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Just so I know - you are removing the heads to replace the cylinder head gasket? Not the valve cover gasket?

That is a BIG job, do you have all the tools and a manual to do this?

An alternative to the chisel method would be using a high-quality set of channel lock pliers, if you can get a good angle to grip.


I am doing the headgaskets and yes it’s a huge job and I’ve got what I need… no manual? But youtube lol… are you referring to the manual from autozone?

You’re talking about the chilton? Or something along the lines?

Yes, a Chilton or Haynes Magnum/Charger specific manual at a minimum. You can also get an online version, other posters might have additional on-line manual recommendations for a project like this.

For an on-line repair manual i would recommend this.

Twenty bucks for one month.


Sweet! Thanks gonna give the hammer a go… let’s cross our fingers… thanks for the responses

YouTube is not a primary source for auto repair, especially for something like a head gasket. There could be completely incorrect information posted, and you would have no way of knowing…at least not until actual damage is done.

YouTube should be used as a planning tool, and possible to help guide you with a specific problem on a single step of the process (e.g., you could very easily rely on this for ‘how to remove a stripped freeze plug’). But you absolutely, positively need a service manual to do this work. If at all possible, get the OEM manual, but if not, then Haynes or Chilton’s.

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I have relied on Haynes for decades, sometimes augmented by youtube videos. Buyer beware on both, especially the youtube videos. Some smart and some shoddy. You have to decide which sources to believe. They all can leave out something you’d want to know. Some videos show ignorant and dangerous procedures.

Use this type of extractor set to remove it . . .


FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS . . . each extractor says which size drill bit you need to use before pounding the extractor in