Strange start and then die problem

Afr of 29 is too lean to keep the engine running. 10 is too rich. When you unplug the maf, the engine defaults to an estimation of the maf signal that isn’t there. Seems like the maf is bad and should be replaced.

Thanks. I am ordering the MAF sensor and will report back.

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Hi Mustangman and everyone,

I received the new MAF sensor and it solved the problem! Started and stayed running! So happy and thank you everyone. Now the car was back on road since the quarantine after 7 months ago, I heard “kang-kang-kang” noise from the back tires and its frequency goes up when I speed up. The sound was particularly loud when I pressed down the brake. Any advice? Thank you very much!


Glad that fixed you up! Thanks for posting back.

I’d suggest the bang was the rear brakes busting the rust loose from sitting 7 months and the kang-kang might be the rusty spot passing over the brake pads. Drive it around the neighborhood and apply medium pressure to the brakes at each corner driving around the block. If it gets better, it is the brakes rubbing off the rust.

I’d still pull the wheels off and give them a good look and a wiggle just to make sure everything is OK.

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Will do! Thanks for your suggestions!

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After driving around for a week, the noise is gone! Great advices guys! Thanks and happy thanksgiving everyone!