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Strange pulsing action during braking

I have a 1996 Toyota Previa AWD van that has 250+ miles and has been a really great reliable vehicle. Because I want to hold onto it for a couple of more years I decided to overhaul the front suspension. I replaced all of the following components;

Driver side ABS style CV drive shaft,

Left and Right Strut Assembly,

Left and Right stabilizer bar links,

Driver side outer Tie Rod,

Driver side control arm ball joint.

The car now drives and handle much better but now I have somehow created a new problem and it’s one that I’ve never experienced or heard of before. The brake pedal now pulses once (and only once) when I’m stopping and that only happens when the speed of the vehicle goes “below 5 mph”. It feels like an ABS activation sort of a dragging feel for less than a second then it’s gone. Otherwise the brakes feel fine when stopping the car. This problem occurs the same whether I’m going backwards or forwards. I’ve done the following things to resolve the issue that didn’t make a difference in correcting this problem.

- Bleed air from front brakes calibers and brake lines

- Disconnected ABS (anti lock brake system)electrical connection for ABS actuation located at the master cylinder

- Re torqued all new component screws to recommended values.

I’m stumped and feel like a chump, anyone got a clue what going on…:slight_smile: ??

You’ve somehow disturbed the sensor/tone ring relationship in your other repairs. It happened to my daughters Trailblazer to a severe degree when her bf did some suspension work. It’s yet to get resolved.