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Strange problem with my Cabrio

My '98 Cabrio recently had the headlights both go out while driving at night on a curvy state highway. I pulled onto a side street and tried to figure out a way to be able to continue my drive home safely with lights. I found that by turning the ignition key to the right and jiggling the key I could get it to temporarily stay in a position to allow my lights to remain on. In time, that solution was no longer an option and I discovered that by pulling the brights lever (it should be noted that it usually clicks into place) and holding it towards me, the lights would work, albeit on bright mode which tends to irritate fellow motorists. Strangely, the heater fan and wipers would only work while in this new found method of illuminated driving by releasing the brights switch and pulling it a second time towards me (remember, it doesn’t lock into place as it should). Any thoughts or suggestions on how to repair this problem? It defies all logic as to why things on this car work or don’t work.

did you check your fuses there are 4 fuses for the headlamps 1 for low beam on each side and 1 for each high beam over kill is what it is.

I would say your ignition switch is bad.