Strange noises



Hi there so it appears I have a chirping sound coming from my car. I have a 96 Toyota Avalon I was involved in a front-end collision a couple months back and had to replace a few items in the front, ie…My radiator,lights, and pull my front clip out. Since then I have replaced my front brake pads and have brand new front tires. Upon changing my front tires and brake pads I noticed this chirping sound like a cricket when I’m accelerating and I hear it mostly on driver side as I’m driving with the window down. It does not appear to be coming from under the hood. Sound seems to be amplified when driving next to a wall or right next to a car or under an underpass, etc. I have also not been able to determine if it’s coming from the front or back as it only occurs when I am driving.

Were the brake rotors also replaced?


My first thought is a warped brake rotor or worn brake pad.