Strange noise when first accelerating



I have a 1999 BMW 328i. Just recently a horn noise or a noise that sounds like a muffled duck sound happens when I lightly push the gas and start moving. Its not the clutch and not the brake. I distinctly hear it coming from the front left wheel???


Is there a little vibration in the steering wheel when this noise happens? Is it louder when cold or hot? Sounds like it might be a brake pad might be sticking alittle.


It happens all the time, but only when I push the gas. The sound also happens when at a stop, not moving but with just a bit of gas.


Shot in the dark, open the airbox, and see if there is a leaf or debris in there that might make some noise, by flapping when the engine starts sucking in air. It seems it might have to do with the suction. Maybe a vaccum hose, but that usually has other problems with it.


Maybe the start of the wheel bearing going out.?


With the hood open, “powerbrake” it a little so the noise is heard. Have a helper look for things in motion. Could be a bad motor mount allowing the engine to shift around a little…