Strange hum coming from front end

Just replaced the front struts. Had an issue during the procedure with the right side axle intermediate. Had to replace the axle because I pulled it apart. I completed the job successfully but now when I get over 55 mph there is a cycling hum that’s coming from the front end and a slight humming vibration that transfers through the floor and steering wheel. When I turn slightly to the left it goes away. When I swerve to the right the hum gets somewhat louder. When I get down below 55 mph I can’t hear it any longer. Above 55 the pitch of the hum increases as I increase speed.

Did you check the wheel bearings?

Was thinking that… But not sure which side would most likely be the culprit. Also, it doesn’t have the usual grinding rumble… This is more of a 170hz sound.

So what you’re saying is, you didn’t check if a wheel bearing is worn?


There is no play in them… However, in putting the swing arm back on I laid a 2x10 on the lug studs and hammered it… So, was thinking maybe I flattened some of the bearings…?

Bearing was the first thought, but, since you changed the axle, I will check and make sure everything is seated properly.