Strange engine sound MX5 NBFL

Hi there,
I found out at a cold start that I had a strange ugly engine sound instead of the sweet purr it used to be. I made a video after a cold start, at idle : Bruit étrange moteur - YouTube

I’m a bit worried something bad happened to the engine. FYI, I changed the calorstat and the alternator + belt recently. But I don’t know if there’s a link.

Do you have any idea what’s going on ? Thanks a lot.

I listened to the video… exactly what noise are you referring to?

Since you changed the belt and alternator and… I don’t know what a calorstat is… this is a US site, we may have a different name for it, maybe the thermostat?? I’d suggest maybe you remove the belt, start the engine and listen for the same noise. If it is still there, it is a new problem. If it goes away, it is related to the belt and the new alternator. Possibly the pulley tensioner.

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Yeah, calorstat is a thermostat.

Describe the conditions the sound occurs. Only during cranking? Only after cranking, at idle warm up?

Commonsense says to verify the affected belt tension and routing is correct.

Different car, but terrible noise like valve clatter at startup, ended up being a belt tensioner.