Strange deep sound 1998 Honda Civic EX

When I start my car, and put it in drive, I hear a deep “vhoom” sort of sound every single time. It occurs about 10 seconds after I put it in drive. Never fails. I have about 103,500 miles on the car. Otherwise, I have not really ever had much of a problem with the car. It drives ok once in gear. A little sluggish going uphill. Could this be a transmission problem? Maybe I should forget about it because the mechanics have never said anything. Started happening about 6 months ago.

You probably have gathered it is an automatic transmission. I do not recall it ever making the sound in reverse.

It’s a good idea to have the automatic transmission fluid changed. On Honda’s, it’s simplicity itself: remove transmission drain plug, drain, re-install drain plug, refill with about 3 to 4 quarts of transmission fluid, check (and adjust) fluid level. Done.

I have noticed this type of sound for years on my 99 Civic EX with manual trans, about 10 seconds after I start the engine. I think it is not indicative of a problem but I don’t know what it is. It sounds to me like a servomotor under the hood, maybe having to do with the ABS system or…?

Honda Automatic, if you change fluid, you better go with Honda’s ATF. I seen many failure on aftermarket ATF

I am thinking it could very well be associated with the ABS system. I get a similar sound when I accidentally run into a pothole or whenever the antilock brakes go into action.