Storing a hybrid for 8 weeks


I need to store my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid for about 8 weeks. I plan on leaving it in my Florida garage. Will this injure or kill the assist motor’s battery? Is there something I need to do to prevent harm to the battery during storage?



These hybrids are still rather new to the automotive experts and few of us have any idea if the traditional storage methods apply. I urge you to get in touch with Honda, customer service. They might have a special bulletin on what you need to know.


I doubt if it will be a problem, but I would first check the owner’s manual and if it does not say, then the dealer.


The IMA battery should be OK - just make sure that you don’t leave it in a depleted state before leaving.

The bigger problem will be with the 12v accessory/starter battery. You should either disconnect it before you leave, or set it up with a smart battery minder/tender (one that won’t over/under charge it) in your garage while you are gone. Otherwise, it is likely that small parasitic loads will drain it flat while you are gone.

to be sure, ask some other owners…