Store my 2010 Honda CRV or ship across the country?

My husband is deploying to Afghanistan in September. We are currently stationed in California, but all of my family is from the east coast so I’ll be moving back when he deploys. I won’t need a car (I’ll be living in the city), so I’m trying to figure out what to do.

I could spend $1,000 to ship my car to the east coast, and pay for parking, etc. in the city. Or, I could pay $10/month to store the car on base while my husband is gone (for 7 months). However, I’ve heard that it’s bad to store a car. What should I do?!

Seven months is not too long to store your CRV. No damage will result. New cars often sit on dealers’ lots longer than this.

Add a bottle of fuel stabilizer to the tank and fill the tank before storage. You may want to disconnect the battery, too.

If you were talking about several years it would be different, but seven months won’t hurt a thing.

7 months is not a long time, if you prepare the car correctly. Use up most of the gas, then add a fuel stabilizer (I use Stabil from Walmart) according to label directions, a bit extra won’t hurt. Then fill up the car with gas and drive for 5 or so miles to get the new gas throughout the fuel system. Have the oil and filter changed (unless it was done recently). If possible, buy a battery tender ($40 or so) and hook it up to the battery when you park the car (if the on-base storage has electrical outlets available). I imagine other folks on base have had to do this, check with them, too.

Good luck, and God bless!

Depends upon how it will be stored. I would not park a car outside for seven months. Sunlight is bad for tires, paint, interiors, leather seats, etc. Hail damage or theft could be potential problems. Rodents can chew up wiring and hoses pretty quick. I’d store it in a secure garage with rodent protection. If you can not store it securely, then consider selling it or taking it with you.

Thank you all!