Store car or sell it?

I am moving to China for a two year work assignment and can’t bring my car with me because it is older than 2005 and apparently China is very worried about the pollution from my car. Work will pay to store it for me but its two years. I am trying to figure out what I will need to do to store the thing for that long of time (unplug battery and…?) and whether or not I should just sell it.

A complicating factor is that once I get done with this assignment I am getting sent some place else for another two years and probably won’t be able to take the car either, however it would be nice to have a car for the 8 months to 12 months that I would be back in the states before taking off again.

So anyone wanna tell me what hoops I would need to jump through to get this thing ready to hibernate for two years?

I would probably sell the car. Could you get your employer to compensate you for at least part of the amount that it would cost to store the car?

In any event, if you sell the car, when you return to the states, you may want to purchase a popular used car that you can then sell quickly when you move to your next assignment.

What he said. Your future would be better served by maximizing your flexibility and minimizing your expenses. 2 years is too long to leave a car undriven.

So the employer pays for storage, but what if you sell it, do you get any compensation with this plan? This is what I would negotiate for.

I would lean towards selling it too…but it also depends upon your finances and how much you like it. Cars will change over the next two years for good or bad. I’m paranoid enough to feel it’s worth more now then later when they do change and would rather have the money now and a newer car later.

I keep remembering a story of one of the hostages in Iran, who upon returning, heard a digital compact disc for the first time. With his love of music the authenticity was a very emotional experience for him. If such a dramatic change occurs in cars or options in the car, i’d hate to be stuck the one you have. Besides, help move the economy.

Meh, sell it. Lease a car when you get back. Sounds like it’s a Honda Accord? Unless you’re in love with it I’d sell it.

Sell it!!! We get many posts like yours and the costs of storing, insuring and caring plus the depreciation for two years spell getting rid of it. If you get back stateside for a short ime between assignments, rent a vehicle for that time. I have many EXPAT friends who do just that.

I’m with the crowd. Unless you love the car, the cost of keeping it is too high.

Ask an auto museum how they store cars. Two years or even 20 are not too long if the job is done right.

Otherwise, yes, sell it and rent or lease for 8 months. Otherwise you might just worry about your car while away.

It’s an Accord; sell it. It won’t appreciate and is not worth the cost of storage. Someone else can get good use from it after you leave. You might consider asking your employer to pay for a leased car while you are in the US between assignments.

I wouldn’t store it. Along with the last post, a Honda isn’t like cheese, scotch or wine: it doesn’t get better with age.
Unless that car has some sort of sentimental value, I’d sell it and not look back.

I would agree to sell it. We see cars at my work that have been sitting for several years, and it is never a good thing. All the rubber products (belts, hoses, tires) are still aging even though the car is not in use, and the old gasoline in the fuel lines and fuel injectors is not good either.

If there was ever a time to sell your car now is it.