Stopping rust on a 2011 Ford Escape

2011 Ford Escape, rust forming on bottom edge of the hatch, is there something i can put on to inhibit rust

You need to sand the rust off, prime it, and paint it to prevent additional rusting. If the edge is rusted through, you may need a file to remove all the rusted metal. Then you should fill the area with body putty to keep the weather out of the space between the hatch panels.

I wonder if the hatch is rusting from the inside out. If this is the case, water is somehow getting into the hatch. Are there drain holes at the bottom of the hatch that may be plugged up?

Yeah agree. If it’s coming from the inside out, you need to stop it somehow. After cleaning, the only thing that is effective for a little while would be either Por15 or and epoxy primer. Both are a little expensive for a small area, then paint and finish.

You can also use Eastwood products to stop the rust from spreading.