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StopAutoRepairBill Insurance

I just started this coverage and I am wanting to get an ideas of any problems or issues

If your vehicle was a VW or Audi, I could almost justify this, but since it’s a Toyota, it’s likely you just wasted a good deal of cash.
I know those commercials make it sound like your car will completely fall apart if you don’t buy this coverage, but it’s generally not worth buying.

Plenty of complaints to chew on. Personally, with the massive amount of different plans being offered and the outrageous claims in the commercials, these stink of scam. They take your money, but find creative ways to prevent paying out on claims.

The main problem is that you’re unlikely to get back in claims anywhere near the money you paid, but I guess that’s water under the bridge now.

Not worth the money, maybe not worth any money.

Just one of many auto warranty scams. If you’re under the impression that a car problem will be repaired by a dealer or licensed shop who will then send you on your way and bill this outfit, or any similar ones, you’re mistaken.

The shop will want payment from you upfront because they do not and will not trust these kind of things.
Getting reimbursed is up to you and good luck on that.

ok4450 is correct. This “StopAutoRepairBill Insurance” is just one more of the ridiculous/fake extended warranty scams operating today.

While most would warn against extended warranties of any type, at least the ones from the car manufacturers will pay in the unlikely event that you have a serious mechical problem. On the other hand, this “StopAutoRepairBill Insurance” company will find a technicality to either deny your claims entirely or pay a pitifully small amount of the claim.

If you have the right of recission here, I would suggest exercising it and getting your money back, pronto. You have given your money to world-class scam artists, unfortunately.

Thank you all for your response. Boy, I wish that I had talked to you all before I made the big mistake. Thanks to you all I have cancelled the policy and now I have to work on getting my deposit back. But thanks for saving me two thousand and alot of heartaches.

I honestly think that you may have to pressure them with a threat of legal action in order to get your money back. After all, you are dealing with–quite literally–a bunch of thieves. I hope that I am wrong, but I fear that I am correct.

In the end, hopefully you can avoid a lot (two words) of headaches and heartaches.
Good luck!

Thank you so much.

Glad you jumped off. I amazed at markup on these things. My sis in law bought a used minivan at good bargain and they offered a $3000 bumper to bumper 7yr/100k warranty from Honda. She said it was $1000 item to her and they said fine.

Good luck on getting your deposit back. If you paid with a credit card, you can dispute the charge. Don’t wait too long to do this, however, because you have, I think, 45 days after billing to file the dispute. One common tactic is that the company will promise a refund in 30 days, not do it and stall you a few more weeks. Then it is too late to dispute the charge.


I used to work for a large dealer back when these kind of warranty programs were really taking off and our service dept. found out the hard way about releasing a car and trying to collect on one. They ate one to the tune of about 800 dollars and this led to the refusal to release any car in which the bill was not paid for up front.

This dealer (a large reputable one) also backed another gentleman on a Chevrolet franchise. A couple of years later the guy who was backed bailed out in an instant after gutting the bank accounts and leaving the doors locked for the employees who showed up on Friday for work. The doors were unlocked by security the next day to allow mechanics to get their tools, etc. Since the mechanics figured they were hosed as to paychecks (rightfully as it turned out) they helped themselves to shop equipment to compensate for it; even down to one loading the alignment rack onto a trailer.

Guess where this Chevy guy turned up? In TX running a company selling extended auto warranties.

I don’t think that I out of the wood yet. I told them to cancel but I didn’t get a cancellation information. I call my credit card company and I told them that I would like to disput the matter so I think that I will be about two months before I am free an clear. But thank to you guys, I am not out of two thousand. Only $150 so far and I am determine to get that back. My warrant was about the same as your sisters they offered 5yr/100k for $2300 but I have read on BBB that like you said no one every get the repair bills paid so what the use of being a little cheaper. I tried that guy and U.S Fidelis and they were both in a hurry to sell me a policy. I called to cancel today and the guy talked 40min to try to convince me to stay. He gave me some business that BBB had the wrong information and that they are covered under a new company called Gold or Goble but I was not buying his excuse. He went on but I stood firm and he said that he closed the account but I am not counting on it. I will go with my credit card company. May take a while but I think they will come thru. Sorry for so long but I just want to show my thanks. Thank you again.