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*** STOP PRESS *** NYC Congestion Pricing Canned!

One in the eye for all the pompous tree huggers.

Time to open that bottle of plonk methinks.

Gloomy Bloomy is probably blubbing to his pal Red Ken Livingstone as I post…

2% rule.


2% as opposed to say… 6% alcohol?

slurp…that’s about right.

What are you talking about? It must be an inside joke for New Yorkers.

I’ll post no judgement. But the thread should get entertaining.

Um, Scudder, have you ever actually driven in NYC???

Well that’s good news. Don’t forget there are more ways folks can think of to tax people than stars in the sky. You always have to take a look behind the scenes and see who will benefit from the money. Now if they didn’t allow so many high rises in one place, there wouldn’t be a congestion problem. But that would reduce the tax base and they don’t want that.

Yep. I work in Manhattan.

I sincerely hope your point isn’t that increasing an individuals taxation by $8 a day is the right thing to do.

Absolutely not. While it would probably reduce congestion, I find the notion obscene, even more so than the bridge tolls.

I agree, I’m originally from London and was there when that little Hitler Ken Livingstone foisted this on the british public. Nothing to do with congestion or pollution and it hasn’t changed a thing other than part people from more of their hard earned cash. It’s just a tax.

Part of barmy Bloomie’s justification was the millions in cost to commerce due to traffic congestion.

Okay, then why not make the LIRR & MTA free to daily business commuters and save those millions ? if that doesn’t persuade people to take the train nothing will.

Or are finances too tight after spending $410 Million on hand scanners ?