Stolen Car!

My car was recently stolen. Any advice on how long should I wait to buy a new car?

That depends a lot on the type of car it was. Age, make, model, condition? How much gas was in the tank? Was the car stolen in an urban area or out in the sticks?

It’d be a good idea to wait until you get the money from insurance.

Wait till insurance is completed if any. Otherwise start shopping. Bummer.

Take your time. My car was stolen by a bunch of joy riders, and the police found it 5 days later. A friend of mine had his Ford Escort stolen and it was found a month later. In the mean time the insurance had paid out and he bought another car. When the stolen car went up for police auction, he bought it back for 50% of what the insurance had paid out. This does not happen very frequently! In any case, I would wait till the insurance has paid out; insurance firms have agood idea whether the car was chopped up for parts, put in a container and is heading for Vietnam, or will likely be abandoned by joyriders, thiefs, or drive-by shooters.

It’s up to you. If you want to wait for insurance money, I believe they will wait 30 days before giving up on recovery of the vehicle and pay it off.

If you want to get a new car earlier, you can get it with your own money and wait for insurance to payout later. The risk is that the stolen car may show up. Then what will you do?

You want to wait at least 30 days. Ours was found within a week and some aren’t found for years. It takes a while before neighbors notice a strange car and report it. Or else it could be chopped up by now. Just depends what kind of car was taken and if it was for profit or a joy ride.