Still temperature issue

Have a honda civic 2002. radiator, thermostat and sensors changed. once i turn on ac, temp gauge goes up almost reaching H on the gauge. cold air coming out when heater is on. what else can i do?

Without the AC on, same thing? When the radiator was replaced, was the heater set to Hot and steps taken to let air out of the cooling system?

If you run the engine with the radiator cap off, do bubbles keep coming up to the radiator neck? That means possible head gasket leak.

Good luck and please keep us informed.

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before i turned on the ac, temp gauge was ok. i just turned on the ac when i was almost at home. as soon as parked, noticed that temp gauge was going high, but i can hear the fan working. afraid of overheating, i turned off the engine. after about 5 mins, turned it back on, temp was still going up. and not sure about letting air out after rad was changed, i would assume they did.


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i’ll try this. thanks much.

You can hear a fan working. This should have dual fans. Both should be operating all the time when the A/C is on and only one in operation when the A/C is off and the engine temperature reaches a set number. Something for consideration.