Still possible to mail to Car Talk?

A while ago I mailed a letter to Car Talk Plaza but the post service returned it to me saying there was no such address. Has the address changed? Or maybe Car Talk Plaza and Puzzler Tower have moved?

I think these are fictitious like Santa at the North Pole, but I haven’t listened to the show for years and they are all reruns I’m told.

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Go to the bottom of this page. On the left side of the last line is ‘Contact Us’. Click on it and follow the instructions on the next page.

You may find these FAQs useful:
Official Car Talk FAQs | Car Talk

They are re-runs but they’re still as funny as **LL! I’ll listen to them as long as they post them!

More than you wanted to know…

Like @Bing wrote, “Car Talk Plaza and Puzzler Tower” are “fictitious like Santa at the North Pole”

If you do not believe me, just ask the Accounts Payable Administrator: Imelda Czechs, or the, Anger Management Consultant: Joanne Slowburner or any of the hundreds of “Staff Members” who have worked the show over the years, all fictitious (not a real person…).

The Magliozzis operated a do-it-yourself garage together in the 1970s which became more of a conventional repair shop in the 1980s. Ray continued to have a hand in the day-to-day operations of the shop for years, while his brother Tom semi-retired, often joking on Car Talk about his distaste for doing “actual work.” The show’s offices were located near their shop at the corner of JFK Street and Brattle Street in Harvard Square, marked as “Dewey, Cheetham & Howe”, the imaginary law firm to which they referred on-air. DC&H doubled as the business name of Tappet Brothers Associates, the corporation established to manage the business end of Car Talk. Initially a joke, the company was incorporated after the show expanded from a single station to national syndication.

The brothers operated the Good News Garage and it is still in operation.

I have read that Ray Magliozzi is still at the Good News Garage. He still teaches adult education automotive courses, still works for the Consumer Affairs Division of the state Attorney General’s office, and is a member of the National Car Care Council.

Here is the link to the Garage’s Web Site with address, phone number, and web based appointment system.

Send your letter to the following address and then let us know if you get a reply and the response…
Inquiring Minds Want to Know…

Good News Garage
75 Hamilton Street
Cambridge MA, 02139

For the puzzler there is a link at the bottom to email an answer.

That looks pretty familiar. I think I almost got run over near there. I’m writing a new book now, lost and found in Boston. I’m thinking it will earn a great payout from the publisher. A lot less risky than a no interest loan that will never be paid back. There are so many great ideas now
On laundering money, it’ll be a thick book.

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