Stiff gear (manual transmission)

My brother gave me his 2001 Jetta this summer but because of bad CAT converter I parked car until 2 weeks ago when i had it fixed. Since then, shifitng gears is a little stiff. Is it possible the gears are stiff because of the converter replacement or a it’s a sign of clutch wearing out?

It certainly isn’t a problem caused by the catalytic converter and I don’t think it is caused by the clutch wearing out. I would guess that the oil in the transmission may have too high a viscosity. I would have new oil put in the transmission that is of the correct type for your VW.

thanks for the info

Does it shift any differently when the engine is not running?? If it shifts fine then, but gets stiff with the engine running, then it IS a clutch issue…

the stiffness is the same whether engine is running or not. I am thinking maybe it’s weather related. Temperature is in the 40s

I would have the linkage checked.

Has anyone replaced the transmission fluid? If not then I doubt if that is the cause. It would have shown up years ago. In any case changing the eight year old fluid would not be a bad idea, even if there was no problem. Be sure to use what VW recommends if you chose to change it.