Stiff Manual Gear Shift

In recent weeks the gear shift lever has become stiff. Side to side is still loose, forward and back, into and out of gears is stiff.

I changed the oil last fall, using genuine Honda Manual Transmission Oil.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Is it the same with the engine running vs. not running?

What’s the temperature been where you are?

Manual tranny fluid can get really thick in cold weather. When I lived in North Dakota it would get so thick in the winter I could not even feel the gates. It felt like dragging a paddle through cold molasses.

I had the same problem with my 1955 Pontiac manual transmission and my 1954 Buick with a manual transmission. I would idle these cars for about 5 minutes in neutral with the clutch out. That seemed to help. I guess some things never change.

It is the same, running or not running.
Honda uses 5W-30 oil in the gearbox, so it’s not a temperature issue.