Sticking caliper/wheel bearing

I had a front sticky caliper that was replaced recently along with new pads/machine rotors.

I also recently bought a set of tires known to be quiet. However I get what sounds like tire noise especially at higher speeds. However it has occasionally not been present.

Can a sticking caliper lead to wheel bearing failure?

If the sticking caliper resulted in a super-heated rotor, it could melt the grease in the wheel bearing, but that’s sort of a long shot.

How hot did the rotor get?

Machining rotors is risky. They can become too thin and prone to warping.

I really don’t know how hot the rotor got. However the braking performance was pretty degraded at times according to wife. Also there was pretty severe thump-thump intermittently.

I asked about replacement of rotors however found out due to performance version of car each rotor part was $100/wheel and mechanic felt enough was left on rotors to machine them for $160 in labor. They work very well now.

I have found out the wheel bearings are prone to failure on my version of car. However it mostly the rear ones as they have an extended warranty (8yrs/100k).

What year is your Legacy? My '96 Legacy is still on its original wheel bearings at 133K miles.

Yes, a sticky caliper will degrade braking performance. I’ve had that problem twice with my rear brakes, but they never got hot enough to damage anything.

It is a 2005 Legacy GT.