Step by step how to change the coolant


How do you change it?


if anyone is familiar with this please fill me in all I know is the the coolant light was blinking in my car this morning.


Go to your local book store or auto parts store.

Buy a Haynes, Chilton’s, or some other service manual for your car.

Read the instructions in the manual.

Not all cars are the same. Any advice you get here, good as it may be, might leave out something that pertains to YOUR vehicle. Get a manual and follow the instructions. If you can’t find a manual locally, try


A blinking light may just mean the coolant level is LOW, not necessarily that it needs to be changed.

Check the coolant level only when the engine is COLD, such as first thing in the morning or after the vehicle has been parked for several hours. Remove the radiator cap and make sure the radiator is FULL of coolant. Looking at the overflow reservoir is not good enough.

DO NOT mix coolant types. Make sure you know what type of coolant you vehicle needs (owner’s manual), and use ONLY that type to refill or replace coolant.


Well it would help if you told us what car, make model and year you have. It would also be good to let you know that the light means it thinks the coolant is low and does not necessarily needs to be changed. When was the last time it was changed?

In any case if it needs to be changed an inexpensive book from the auto parts store where they sell the fluid should answer you questions and even have great photos (worth 1,000 words each). Make sure you use the same or a compatible coolant.