Steering Wheel Vibration in 2004 Honda Civic


Got 4 new tires approximately one year ago (2 from Discount Tire and 2 from Wal-Mart–Wal-Mart screwed with me and I STILL think I have bad tires from them). Also had the car aligned around the same time. Within the past 2 months, I noticed a vibration as I increase my speed. Got the tires re-balanced today and it did not fix the problem. Any suggestions??


You could have irregular wear on the tires. If so, they’ll never be smooth again.

Lightly brush your hand over the surface of the tires and also look carefully for signs of uneven wear on the tread blocks. Holding a work light to the side of the tire helps visually too. Post back with what you find.


A defective tyre can do that, of course other things can also. Try rotating the tyres front to back and see it feels different. If so then you know it is a tyre or wheel. Look carefully at the tread as someone slowly drives away from you (or backs away) and watch the tread pattern; does one wave side to side. If so that is a defective tyre.

Note: your best tyres should normally be on the back not the front for the safest ride.