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Steering wheel stuck on mazda 626

I drive a 95 Mazda LX, manual 5 speed bought new off the lot. Only owner, pretty well maintained. Been a wonderful car. Generally drive < 200 miles a week, just to work and back.

Recently took on a out of town trip of about an hour so driving at higher speed (~ 65- 70) for a longer period of time than normal. Noted on the way back it seemed to be pulling hard to the right, something I did not notice on the 1st leg. Told myself this alignment is bad, how did that happen?

Took the exit and the steering wheel seemed to be stuck in its position. A slightly more aggressive tug and and it “broke” but scared me for a second. No signs of a repeat.

I don’t know much about cars which is why I like to read here. But with this many miles, almost all of them w/ me driving, I know when my car does not act right.

Thoughts on what the mechanic might think this is or find?

Mazda has had problems with steering shaft(universal joint) wear that causes binding as the car is steered from side to side. Get the car to a dealer soon.


I would agree with @Rod_Knox, but I would advise to having it towed to your favorite mechanic. If it is the u-joint on that shaft you could lose all steering suddenly and cause an accident.



Check the power steering fluid. If it’s low, and it sloshes to the side as you turn, your power steering can freeze up.