Steering wheel not at twelve o'clock

Looking at a used Subaru. Wheel points to one o’clock. No play, rolls straight when hand off wheel. Any potential issue? Or just installed wrong? Thx.

I would have the vehicle checked by a good mechanic if you are serious about buying the vehicle. It’s always a good idea to do this regardless of the vehicle. The steering wheel may have been improperly installed or the front end may have taken a whack on a curb or pothole.

Impossible to tell from here.

The steering wheel could have been removed for some type of steering column repair and reinstalled improperly or the vehicle could have been aligned improperly after a repair to the chassis. The car could also have current uncorrected damage.

Get the car checked out thoroughly by a good independant shop and specifically ask them if they can determine why the steering wheel is off-kilter. You’ll want any used car thoroughly checked out befor putting money down on it anyway.

Either the alignment is off due to misadjustment or something in the suspension is worn out or bent, rolling straight or not.
Maybe the car has been whacked hard and rebuilt.

I’d get this sorted out before buying it. It could be minor or it could be major enough to warrant sending the car to the crusher.

It is an indication of a less than professional alignment. On some vehicles it will cause steering problems if the rack is not centered when the wheels are straight ahead.

Steering wheels have a master spline and cannot be installed incorrectly. There is a problem with the front end.