Steering wheel jerking

I have a 2011 Toyota Camry that I bought the end of last year. Whenever I brake suddenly on a downhill, or whenever there’s a slightly deep pothole, the steering wheel jerks either to the left or the right. I had it looked at and they said the suspension and brakes are fine and it needed an alignment. I got the alignment at a place they recommended, as well as tire pressure evened out and wheels balanced, but it doesn’t seem much better, if at all. Could it be a problem with the steering that they didn’t check? Are Toyotas just like this compared to other cars?

Come to think of it, I only really started noticing it when I raised the steering wheel higher. Maybe it annoys me more now that it’s higher? Other than that, the steering seems sound.

No, you have a problem with this vehicles. Has any one else driven this vehicle and experienced the same steering wheel problem . I don’t like to guess because this site has some very good mechanics that post here.
But I suspect that the tires should be checked for aging problems or uneven tread depth .

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Just a guess but I suggest you have the brakes inspected. The fact that the problem occurs when you’re braking implies that’s where the trouble lies.

or, find a relatively flat road, and carefully take your hands off the wheel when at speed. Don’t put your hands behind your back or anything, just loosely off the wheel. If the road doesn’t have a crown to it, the car (especially after an alignment where they found nothing worn out or broken,) should go relatively straight down the road. If it pulls one way or the other, even slightly, then the alignment is still off. if it doesn’t pull, then apply your brakes. If it pulls with the brakes applied, you have a brake problem.