Steering wheel adjusted, now the electric windows and Radio not working right

Dear Car talk; I have a question about my electric windows and Radio being

effected by the steering column tilt angle being adjusted, I left my car

at a parking lot where they park the car for you; when I returned I noticed

that the tilt angle was adjusted which I never touch but for some reason

the attendant adjusted it; when I was driving home I noticed that my windows

did not work; so I readjusted the wheel and they began to work again, then

I noticed if I don’t put the key in the ignition just in the right spot the

electric windows and radio won’t work; lol ;Is this because the wires behind

the steering wheel were pulled do you think; and if so I’m pretty handy do

you think this is a fix I can fix? thankyou for your time, Frank

Sounds like you have a break in the wiring harness from the key mechanism. They did nothing wrong, as adjusting the tilt shouldn’t have that effect. I’d rather someone adjust the tilt if they were in my vehicle than be unable to control it.

Depending on the year of your van (you didn’t say what it is), you may be able to find a replacement harness in a boneyard. Shouldn’t be that hard to remove or replace, but use the yard donor vehicle to figure out how to swap it out, that way you don’t destroy yours.


What year model is the van. In the mid 90s the switch was moved from the lower column where it was operated by a rod and was effected by tilting the column and your problem is likely a failing switch if it is the older model.

Hi Chaissors and Rod Knox; thankyou for replying; good point they did nothing wrong; Bizzare how adjusting the tilt action to the wheel did that; good advice about going to the bone yard and tackling from there first(nice trick of the trade) Replacement harness; ok I’ll check; I have a 2003 dodge ram van; So I’ll can call the yard first to see; my question is why when I position the key just right everything works;This is why I was thinking it was the ignition switch on the column(where I put the key in).Guessing when the wheel was tilted it pulled the wires loose from the ignition swith? thankyou Rod for your input; if it is the failing switch is that the actual(where I put the key in; the metal insert point) And do you think it could be the harness being pulled loose from the ignition switch? thankyou men for your time, Frank

The switch appears to be directly behind the lock cylinder and operating the tilt wheel should not directly effect the switch. But you might remove the trim from the column and jiggle the harness with the switch on to see if power is lost to any accessories.

ahhh ok; thanks Rod for the advice; I will try :slight_smile:

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