Steering wander and suspension binding? Please help

Clarification, I have a 2020 CT5-V, but this car is not on the site’s database yet, so I chose CT6 in the drop down menu.

With that out of the way…I have some steering issues the dealer can’t seem to figure out.

About a week after taking delivery, I noticed that when going at highway speeds, steering to the right is much much heavier than steering to the left. Feels like there is no power steering sometimes. Additionally, the wheel is fighting me and trying to snap back to center.

When taking left turns, the steering is light, and the wheel does not snap back to center as fast. In fact, it remains turned on less sharp turns (I think that’s called memory steer?) and I have to manually bring it back to center. The steering feels smooth, otherwise, and not “sticky” at any point. There was also a loud metal on metal squeaking sound over bumps. Sounded like it was coming from driver side strut.

After inspecting tie rods and ball joints for binding, and finding nothing wrong, the mechanics at the dealer were stumped, and called the GM TAC center, who had them replace the electric power steering rack. The problem got only slightly better, but still there. The noise is gone, though.

Do you guys have any ideas of what this could be? I don’t want them to replace my entire suspension on a new car. They seem like parts replacers, and aren’t interested in actually diagnosing the issue.

Why not?? It won’t hurt anything to replace it all and it might help. This car is under warranty, let the dealer figure it out. If your dealer can’t take it to another one. Keep ALL your records. Document, document, document! If GM can’t fix the car, they can be made to buy it back.

Call GM and let them know the dealer can’t fix it. The number is in your owners manual. You paid big money for this car, GM must make it right or buy it back. Hire a lawyer that specializes in these things if you have to.


Does this car have speed sensitive steering ?

You usually take right corners slower and would get more assist at the slower speed.

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It sounds like a problem with the electronic steering system.


Let them do their job their way. If replacing parts doesn’t work, they will have to buy it back under your state lemon laws. I hope they are providing a loaner while they try to fix it.

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If one of us told you that “X” was the source of the problem, and if you directed the dealership to replace that component, the cost of that repair would be entirely on your shoulders if it didn’t work.

As was already stated, you need to allow the dealership to work on it–to the extent of their abilities–and if they are not successful after 3 repair attempts*, then you will likely be in the category where you can demand that the mfr refunds your money or provides you with an identical replacement vehicle.

*Please note that the exact details of the Lemon Law vary from state to state, so you need to begin learning about the specific details for your state, and you need to preserve ALL repair invoices relative to this problem.

Ct5-v. Is that like the Blackwood edition for $98k?