Steering "sticks" when coming out of left turn

Hi All,

I’ve got a 2005 Toyota Camry that was recently involved in a front end collision. Since it returned from the shop, it will occasionally stick when coming out of a left-hand turn. Basically the wheel stops for a second and you have to apply a little force to get it to turn back straight. It does not always do this, and it seems to be more evident at higher speeds.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Trade it in asap, and be done with it.

Take it back to the shop. This shouldn’t be happening. And it could be dangerous, to you, and others on the road. Likely a damaged or bent steering or suspension component remains and needs to be replaced. On the upside, it should be fairly easy to diagnose and fix. Best of luck.

A number of things it could be. Damaged tie rod end, damaged upper strut mount, damaged lower ball joint, or even a steering rack fault.

It can be extremely difficult to determine which one of the above it could be without going into disassembly. That puts one into the iffy situation of possibly replacing something since it’s apart anyway.