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Steering "Sticking"

I have a 2016 Azera that has a strange issue. After driving for over an hour on the highway, the steering wheel meets resistance when making very small incremental adjustments to maintain the lane, like I have to push it past the sticking point. Dealer has tried to duplicate it, but they’re not going to drive it for over an hour to get to domthis. Any ideas out there? Tire inflation is good, alignment good.

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You might be better off looking for a Hyundai forum.

I just noticed this happening on my wife’s 2012 Veloster when we were on a long road trip. As we transitioned from MN to SD, it went away. Then on the return trip, it came back at the same place. I had chalked it up to weird or rutted pavement out in the sticks, but if you’re having the problem too I might have to think on it more.

Almost makes me wonder if the rack isn’t shedding lubrication right in the center, or maybe the steering column u-joints are sticking a bit.

No oil in these systems…its an electric power steering. Could need some fine tuning at the dealer

NHTSA does not have recalls, complaints, investigations, or manufacturers communications for this issue. That doesn’t mean it does not exist, just that it isn’t a big enough problem to have made it to the NHTSA yet.

The first thing I thought if is electric power steering. Both our 2009 Cobalt and 2010 Cobalt were recalled for binding in the electric power steering. When the steering was turned lock to lock several times, it would bind up. The immediate solution was to stop, turn the car off, and then start it again. That would reset the power steering. We got the steering replaced, but never experienced the problem. Keep monitoring the issue and keep the dealer informed. Maybe you could try turning the steering wheel lock to lock several times in a row and see if it binds up. Since you do this sitting still, it’s safe. If it does bind up, test the steering in front of the service rep at the dealership.

Grooves in the road surface can cause this, so verify the problem occurs on more than one road or location. Tire wear patterns also can be related. Try moving the tires around to different positions, see if that has an effect. It’s probably something in the steering components, but good idea to eliminate other stuff first when that’s easy to do.

Anything that moves/rotates against something else when you turn the steering wheel has to remain suspect, including struts, tie rod ends, ball joints. Even a worn wheel bearing.

I might do that as well, but I have found a few others with different auto mfgr that have the problem. thanks

It happens on any highway/road once it starts doing this. Tires are new. But I did have them rotated today, and will be making a long road tip in a couple days. Fingers crossed.

New tires? Did this symptom start right after the new tires were installed?

Sorry, I should have explained it better; it’s a new car with only 7000 miles, so the tires are new also. It’s been doing this since I got it. I’m hoping the rotation will improve things. If so, they might need to replace the ones that were on the front.

Are the tires Hankooks?

Yes they are

We’ve heard some comments about that brand causing a wandering sensation. The car doesn’t seem to want to track straight, but sort of wiggles side to side. In fact I recently switched my Corolla’s tires from Michelin to Hankook (b/c Mich no longer sells tires in that size), and I immediately noticed this wandering sensation too. I call it “squirrelly”. I just ignore it, more of a curiosity than a problem for my driving style. And the Hankooks have a quieter and softer ride than the Mich’s. But if I drove at freeway speeds a lot, and long distances, the squirrelly nature of the ride might be more of a problem.

My Lexus GS (with electric power steering) does this too. It’s happened even after an alignment, after the tires were rotated, and after the tires were replaced with different tires, so those causes are probably ruled out. The dealer has been investigating the issue while the car is still under warranty, but there are no answers yet. They did actually take it for a long drive (which I guess is one of the advantages of Lexus service), but either they couldn’t duplicate the issue or they didn’t feel it, because it is somewhat intermittent and subtle.

It took me a while to realize that the sticking occurs exactly when the wheel is passing the center point, so it’s most noticeable when the wheel is held just off center and then I need to move the wheel back through the center point. Is that the case with yours also?

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My experience with Hankooks is that they track beautifully. I’ve had a few sets and been happy with them.

However I have heard a number of complaints about difficulties of the type you describe with electric steering systems. It may be that the designs are “not quite ready for prime time”.

Re: the dealer, with your purchasing documents you got a description of the protocol for pushing the problem “up the chain” to the manufacturer reps. I recommend keeping all copies of all documentation regarding this issue and following this procedure. They may have come up with a resolution for this that isn’t publicized and is being offered to those who complain. Until and unless a recall is issued, they have no obligation to publicize what they know. It’s a longshot, but that’d be my recommendation. Get the factory rep involved.

Yes, this does sound like what my Azera is doing. It’s only the very minor adjustment one makes, slightly left or right of center, to keep in the lane. Normally, these adjustments are subconscious, but with this issue, they’re a distraction.

Thanks. I’ll look into that

Hey Paul my mom has same car and year and we just started noticing this… any ideal on the fix…just bought all new tires and 3 alignments… it’s better but still does it…it’s almost like lane assist turns on for a second and you have to correct it slightly…I am using Hancock h425 tires which were on it before…didn’t have this problem til I replaced one tire then all hell broke out so ended up replacing all tires …now they say it’s a strut

This is exactly the same feeling I have in my 2017 Azera. Dealer replaced column but it has come back. Just like there is a high spot on the dead center of the steering wheel. I’d sure like to know what’s causing this.

Did you ever get it resolved? I have a 2017 doing the same.