Steering problem 2004 Toyota

I had the steering recall done by Toyota. It was the steering bracket. After that the steering sticks when you turn the wheel at a slow speed 20mph. I took it back to Toyota and they said that I need a new intermediate steering shaft?? They said it has nothing to do with recall? I went to Pep Boys and they filled the steering pump with fluid and said try this. It still sticks. Any suggestions? The steering column doesn’t make sense to me since it works fine over 30mph. Help

You Might Need A New Intermediate Steering Shaft (At Your Expense) If They Have Have Properly Diagnosed Your Problem.

I see that some 2004 six cylinder Avalons have also had defective front coil springs that can make a “knock” or “rubbing” sound from the front suspension. I don’t know about sticking, though. Toyota can check your VIN ( vehicle identification number ) to see if you’ve got one.

Make sure they’ll stand behind their diagnosis so that you won’t have to pay for front springs after paying for an intermediate shaft.