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Steering in a 2003 Forrester

I have a steering problem in my 2003 forester when i make an extreme right it scrapes and is hard to turn. I took it to morn and they said it was the timing belt, they changed the timing belts and the problem is exactly the same.

Timing belt is unrelated to power steering.

Did the mechanic replace the serpentine belt (which turns the power steering pump)? Who or what is “morn”? Any sounds like chirping, hissing, crackling when this happens?

^ Exactly!

While the timing belt may indeed have been overdue for changing (this needs to be done every 8 years or 105k miles, whichever comes first), any mechanic who claims that a timing belt has anything to do with your power steering is…suspect…regarding his honesty and/or his competence. I just hope that he did a competent job in replacing the timing belt.

As to what is causing the steering problem, I would have a competent and honest mechanic
(not the one who changed your timing belt) inspect the steering rack, as a binding steering rack would produce those symptoms. If you need the rack (& pinion) replaced, it will not be cheap, but since this is a situation that can develop into a genuine safety hazard, it cannot be ignored.

If the rack & pinion are not the source of the problem, then it is also possible that you need the CV joints on the front axles replaced. Have these checked also while the car is on the lift.

It is possible that there is a problem with the serpentine belt that drives the power steering pump, but if that was the case, you should be experiencing the problem in both left turns and right turns.