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Steel building for an car garage!

Hello everyone,
I am here for some advice. I run a car workshop.My company is in a small place and I am expanding my business and I’m planning to construct a garage for the cars.

I have heard of pre-engineered steel buildings and also my friend has suggested me. He said that it is cheap and saves time. I’m hearing this for the first time and would like to know more about it in detail.

Looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Perfect type of building for a car shop. My brother in law has two filled with cars bikes, tractors and the like. They are cheap and quick to erect. You can leave a dirt floor or install concrete. Check your local building codes and any residents associations before ordering as some areas don’t allow such buildings or certain styles of these buildings.

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Don’t know any details on ur setup now? Do u own ur property? Lease it? Is it in a commercial area? U have the room to expand? Sounds like u own ur property cuz ur paying money to build a new building. How does ur current construction material compare to this? Will It end up with a mishmash of buildings on ur property? Is it a better idea to sell and buy a bigger, better built building for the same money or even less?

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Two things…

I’m sorry. I don’t know why it bothers me, but I have trouble reading your posts when you write out all the words, in their entirety, spelled correctly, and then use “u” and “ur”, apparently as words. I guess it bothers me because it seems to trash our beautiful language and because I do not use abbreviations(?) like those. Anyway, sorry.

Also, does this post seem in any way to be spam by anybody else? The provided link takes me to a specific business that sells steel buildings!

Are you listed in Mechanic-X files? What’s the web address of your car repair shop?

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Yeah, it’s spam.

Yes, I also think it is spam. I did not flag but did notify a moderator so they could make the call.

I also second the motion for Cavell to stop using text type shortcuts.

I don’t do TextSpeak and have no desire to learn it. I only get upset when I am forced to perform a search for abbreviations and acronyms that leave me clueless as to what the sender is attempting to communicate.

I’m just grateful the leetspeak garbage never infested this place. Having to read junk “|_1k3 +4!5” (like this) for a whole paragraph used to make my eyes bleed.

I’m grateful that I have no idea what you’re talking about and that I don’t want to know. :wink:


my brother built a new house and looked at this type of shed for a few minutes. than he built a steel building like the OP is discussing. I think twice about txt shortcuts since I think it is an indication of IQ if u use it. there I just did it. I know some folks find it annoying to type like that but I am from MN which is the state known for passive aggressive tendencies. I just cant help it.

A steel building is about as cheap as you could get, just a little higher than a pole barn. Nothing wrong with that I guess but don’t expect anything left in a tornado. I agree that leasing is probably a better option. With all the large buildings available from places like Kmart, they can offer a lot of room, concrete block construction, good access, and the landlords will sub-divide and buildout to meet your needs.

Keep up with technology. The use of this type of shorthand is extremely common - especially when posting with a smart phone (also I am now).

I’m glad I’m not the only one who refuses to use “U” an “Ur” instead of spelling things out completely when one is typing from a smartphone :unamused:

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I do…by I’m that childish to complain when others don’t.

I don’t even have a dumb phone. I was an adult when we went to dial phones and gave up the operator that said “number please”.

I also can’t stand text speak. I don’t chastise people for it but I usually don’t bother to finish reading the post, and don’t rep;y to it.

With my smart watch, I can talk to my wrist, just like Dick Tracy!

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My BIL is always using his smart phone to look up the current temperature. I pull out my flip phone and type in what I think the temperature is and show him. He’s amazed that I can get the temperature on my flip phone and hasn’t caught on yet. I can even do pictures but they are a little small. No texting for me. I’ll leave that to my wife. I figure if you can’t call me and talk man to man it can’t be very important.

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I got into the habit of texting because of my children. They would text with us as teens but wouldn’t answer the phone if we called. They could hide who the conversation was with from their friends that way. I can also have a discrete conversation with my wife in public or at a meeting if I text. If I talk, I have to leave the room.

Hold on! I have three daughters and a wife of the female persuasion! I can’t have a man to man conversation with them!

Re OP In our fair city there are maximum lot coverage ordinances, 70% I think can be buildings.

Oh, I know! I just choose to try and keep our language from evolving into some form of hieroglyphics!

My kids know it ticks me off and are sure to use the actual English language when texting me.

You know what else ticks me off? Using words like “healthy” when the correct word is "healthful."
When one speaks of eating healthy food, are they talking about food that watches its blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and gets adequate exercise? Are they teaching kids about adjectives and adverbs, any more?