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Steel building for an car garage!

Does anybody remember the radio broadcaster Paul Harvey? I used to enjoy listening to his daily news & commentary program while I took a break for lunch at work, in the 1970’s I think. One thing I recall about listening to that program is he talked about a lot of unusual products, stuff I couldn’t ever imagine buying. But it worked b/c he seemed to have the knack to make most any topic interesting. He talked at length about drill bit sharpening products for example … lol … seems an unusual topic now, b/c who among the youthful set these days is interested in drill bits when there are computers and their software configuration problems to talk about. This thread reminds me of another unusual product he talked about constantly: Steel buildings. Anybody remember that? I’m not making this up. Steel buildings was one of his biggest talking points during his show, a company who make steel buildings was one of his sponsors.

What is old is new, my 1918 galvanized steel garage and roof, need to repaint the roof, going to strip the lichen etc. with a power washer as the rivets holding the roof on are a pain with a scraper. 4 corners of angle iron rusted out so made some cement pyramids to the good steel. Even has acanthus leaves and fake vents as decoration. I replaced the wooden swinging doors with an overhead fiberglass door

Paul did the commercials for Casite Motor Honey.
I remember listening to him tell his audience to dip the tip of a screwdriver in the “honey” and then try to pick it up by grasping the tip of the screwdriver. He claimed you couldn’t do it because it was too slippery!

And I remember Andy Granotelli pushing STP! As far as I recall STP was an oil thickening agent.

Earlier cartsalk thread STP Oil Additive good or bad?

Was Paul Harvey the one who ended his broadcast “And now you know the rest of the story”

If that’s the guy, yeah I vaguely remember listening to him :smiley:

Yes That was Paul Harvey.

Yeah I’d hear him on the radio. He used to drive me nuts he was so conservative. I think he was from Iowa and his wife Angel, then out of Chicago. Mostly I remember the Nutragena commercials. Yep, every product he pushed was the greatest. He didn’t pull any punches though with his opinion and I’m sure he’s rolling over in his grave. Seems to me his wife died and he took it pretty hard. Then he was gone.

Actually I think his ending was “Now you know the rest of the story”. Walter Cronkite used to end his broadcasts with “And that’s the way it was, such and such a date”. Remember watching the history movies in school with Walter Cronkite where he would highlight a particular day in history?

Paul Harvey was capable of changing from news to advertising as to keep the listener interested in the conversation. I believe General Steel (buildings) was one of his sponsors.

Galvalume is where it’s at these days, not mere galvanized panels.

Cronkite’s movies would frequently start with “You Were There”. I found them interesting, even as a seventh grader.
More entertaining that those filmstrips the teacher used in conjunction with the record player (teacher advanced filmstrip one frame every time a “beep” was heard on the record) :slight_smile:

This is not a shed. It’s called quonset hut. Spent 2 years in one of those with 20 other guys. Btw, the photo seems to be 340-50 years old.