Static charge solution

Here is my solution to the static charge problem. Every time I get out of my car, I touch the back of my hand to the metal frame of the door. That way, I get minimal pain from the shock. (The back of the hand has fewer nerve endings than the palm or fingertips.)

I have been doing this for so long, I do it automatically and don’t even think about it.

I touch the car with a key. The static charge hits the end of the key, but is dissipated over the relatively wide area of my finger and thumb. No pain.

Touch the metal frame of the door with an ALL metal key - no rubber grippy things. Then the charge happens between the key and the door frame. Not you. No pain whatsoever. This works great any other times you can tell you have built up static electricity.

I used to get shock in a 95 caravan after I got new tires and I used to put my hand deep in the handle there was a metal screw that discharged as I got out of the car insted of getting all the static at one time and no more pain.

My solution is a lot like ralanham76’s. I open the door, grap the door frame and hold it as I get out. But I like the key idea, too - I’ll have to try that.

I use the stuff you spray on carpets to get rid of static charge.

After you open the door, BEFORE you move your feet or your behind, grab the metal edge of the door. Now slide around as much as you want to and get out. No shocks! Try it, it really works! Just don’t put your full weight on the door, or it will eventually fall off its hinges.

I,too, just maintain contact with the door as I am leaving the car. Don’t know how I figured it out, or if a friend told me, but I’ve been doing it forever-- it works!

I can’t believe Click and Clack don’t know about this method. I’ve been doing it out of habit for 15 years, and never get shocked. I thought everyone knew about it. I someday it will catch on kinda like the 100th monkey thing i guess…

I have used the key approach - but find that putting my thumb on the back of my wedding ring and pushing it away from my finger slightly - and then touching the car with that first works great. No shock - but you still get to see the neat spark. Of course static cling sheets rubbed on the car seats often solve the probelm but no neat fireworks.

I recommend NOT using the door as your grounding point as it will eventually cause your door to sag and will require new bushings in the hinges as mentioned earlier. Just grab ANY metal part of the car BEFORE you exit and BEFORE you put your feet on the ground! Once you have lifted your body from the car, you can let go and will no longer get shocked.

I’ve worked in server rooms for many years and static electricity is ALWAYS a big concern. There is a solution though and even a lot of network admins don’t know this one, but I’ve been doing it for years…but it works on cars too.

Fill a spray bottle 1/2 full of water, fill the other 1/2 with…and I’m NOT kidding…fabric softener. Spray down the seats and carpet in the car with this mixture so its just a little damp, and then let it dry. Re-apply every 3-6 months, as necessary. Simple solution for a painful problem.

I touch the door with the back of my upper arm–say triceps area–as I get out of the car. Sure I get a little shock but since there are far fewer nerves in that area than my hand the shock is barely noticeable.