State Farm beacon

I decided to get a State Farm beacon to save some money.

Does anyone use one ?

Interested in what you think of it ?

Is that whre they install a gadget in your car to monitor how it is being driven? So they can tell by reviewing the data if you ever buzz down the freeway at 2 am at 110 mph?

That’s it, @GeorgeSanJose. It’s a Bluetooth device that communicates rough your smart phone with State Farm. I know this because I did a web search. I’m not into that stuff.

I’d be a little hesitant to connect a gadget up the OBD II connector full time. The ECM software wasn’t designed for that, and the engine computer data paths might not be able to handle all the data when the car is being driven, and cause performance problems, stalling, etc.

I can’t believe it is a good thing. Not only will it monitor your driving habits, but may have the capabilities to monitor where you are going. You better start driving the speed limits and stop on all stop signs. I think that thing connects to your smart phone and sends data back to State Farm.

It wouldn’t save me any money, I don’t have a smart phone. The cost of a smart phone and data contract would cost far more than I would save. If I did do all that, they would probably raise my rates.

Not having a smart phone has many benefits.

You are not always “connected.”

It’s an item that uses up time in charging etc.

You won’t get boo koos of unsolicited calls.

I get on average, 2-3 per day.

I have a cell phone, just not a smart phone. It’s a prepay with no data or texts and my voice mail “greeting” is “If you recognize my voice, leave a message. Otherwise you got a wrong number.” I don’t get a lot of calls and it costs me about $100/year.

A We did that with the geico snapshot? Use it for a month to check your driving patterns. Than return it. Sat in box in garage for 3 months. Seems geico really does want it back.

me too. In fact my “greeting” is: no messages recorded, contact me via landline or email.

How easily we give up our liberty for small change. My agent suggested it but I said I wasn’t interested in State Farm knowing where I was, when, at what speed I was traveling, when I braked too hard, and so on. Too much like big brother for the 5 or 10% savings (what $50 a year?). Next thing they’d be listening to me talking to myself and probably record me and I wouldn’t want anyone else hearing my bad language when I’m alone. I do have OnStar though so they’re probably listening to me anyway.

Why would anyone want to listen to you? I certainly don’t think anyone wants to listen to me while I’m driving my car, nor do I think anyone wants to take control of it.

BTW, I’m not picking on you specifically. There were an estimated 263.3 million passenger vehicles in the US during 2015. How can anyone seriously believe that they are the subject of surveillance from inside their own vehicle? It just doesn’t make sense. Anyone that engages in illegal activities may have reason to worry, but I don’t believe you fall into that category.

Since getting the beacon, I am saving $30 for a 6 month policy.

Depending on my driving, I can save up to 11 %.

For me it is worth it.

I feel it makes me a better driver and it tells me how far I drive.

Come on JT. You can’t be serious? You do know that at least every cell phone conversation is recorded and stored in Utah by our friends at NSA? Shadowfax would know better but I also think they manage to have access to emails and at least scan them for the use of the 200 or so words on their list. Yeah nothing to learn from me but for some reason they needed that huge facility they built.

Just curious why you thought that? I don’t officially work for the NSA in any capacity that I can confirm or deny. :wink:

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You’re kidding right? If not you need to get out more. Conversations ARE not recorded. What the NSA does do though is keep the META data of you phone calls (who you called, when and how long).

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One can never be certain but I doubt they would save every call. It is fairly well known (and confirmed) that there are computer systems that monitor every single satellite communications looking for key words. Many cell phone calls are re-transmitted via satellite. Once they detect a key word, they alert and action is taken. This stuff goes back to monitoring the Soviets back in the day and has evolved since. I remember reading some stuff a couple decades back about the programs then (viper, carnivore). Not a big leap to include internet traffic and other avenues. Just google ECHELON…sleep well kiddies :slight_smile:

My wife and I used AAA’s version of this doohickey. Saved us some money on our insurance. My son now has one in his car. It let us know once that his car was getting hot on a road trip he was on. That was nice for a new driver to remind him of the importance of checking his fluids.

I’m not concerned with anyone knowing where I am. I’m boring.

There’s been a lot of overexaggeration about how much capacity the NSA warehouse has. It’s less than has been reported - in fact to store as much as reported it would have to be the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined, and it would require around 1 trillion hard drives, which at current production rates would take a thousand years to make and would then require something in the neighborhood of 25 gigawatts of power to run, which means we’d have to dedicate several high-output nuclear power plants just to run it.

I agree.

And it would take many personnel to analyze all the data.