Startup bang


The car in question is a '95 Galant with 133+ KM. For a while I hear a bang at startup and then when you put in reverse. At first it was random and didn’t think much of it. Now it is persistent. I posted a while back and everybody said the tranny is on the way out. But since then it hasn’t been developing any shifting problems. So I thought maybe the mounts are bad. When you do the drive+brake test there is obvious move, but then stuff in there are 13 years old. The bang is from the tranny side of the car. Anyway to test for mounts other than changing them and see what happens? Oh by the was I jacked up the tranny pan by 1/2 inch and tried and not much bang. Also would I be crazy supporting the engine with the flat repair diamond shaped jack and a block of wood for this repair or I need a real jack.


Change the mounts, it sounds like you’re on target there. As for supporting the motor while you’re working, just go to Wally world and buy a $20 hydraulic trolly jack. It will make the job so much less frustrating.