96 Regal bangs accell/braking

My 96 Buick Regal 3.1L bangs loudly if I don’t accellerate slowly, and if it has banged then it will bang again when I brake. Of course I can’t see anything wron g just looking under the car. Might this be a broken motor mount?

Very possibly, maybe more than one. This car has several motor mounts, including three or four along the top that are easy to see with the hood up and three or four underneath. Look for the rubber isolators in the motor mounts to see if they are cracked or degraded. With banging going on, I’ll bet some of the motor mounts no longer have rubber in them.

Thanks for your reply! It’s definitely not the “Dog Bones” they are OK and extremely easy to inspect, and replace. Sure wish they were the culprit!

Certainly could be a motor mount, but if it ‘bangs’ when you hit the brake, but not when you let off the gas, I’d also be concerned that a suspension part is very worn, which is dangerous. Please get it looked at.

Thanks for your reply also, and I think a ball joint or tie rod end would sure be easier to deal with than any lower motor mount, but I didn’t suspect suspension because even at 70 MPH on expressway there is no shimmy…

The banging was found by a mechanic to be deteriorated frame insulators , broken mounting bolts for them, and it was all rusted out where they fit into the cradle that holds the engine and tranny. Not only noisy, it bangs and groans worse now, but also unsafe to drive. I have bought another Buick, a 2000 Century with not much over 19,000 miles (!)and I will have to dismiss the Regal.

The last time I saw my Regal.