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Starts off fine then begins to run rough

My Liberty is starts off after a long cool off fine then when the car is starting to warm up begins to idle rough and bogs down and hesitates acceleration (almost like its working something out of its system).

I have had overheating problems but never let it get over the 3/4th mark before turning it off. replaced the thermostat and the overflow tank. hasn’t over heated since but also haven’t taking it on long trips. sometimes when finishing up small trips steam will spew out of the tank, but the temperature is within the normal mid range with no fluctuation.

I so far don’t see any oil or tran fluid in the coolant, or visa versa.

the only other thing is a slight fireworks smell.

Jeep Liberty Sport 02 v6

also a month or so ago it would not intermittently not idle, the rpms would just drop down until it stalled. I put a piece of foam tape to stop the leaver a little bit high and it seemed to “fix” the problem.