Engine will not turnover

I measure 12.15 volts at battery post but i get only 11.73 volts when I measue the voltage at the wire that connects to the solenoid. I had to put a new starter motor/solenoid as the prevous one was bad. The ignition switch is known to be good. All connections are good. I tried jump starting with a stronger battery but that did not work either. The vehicle is a 1987 nissn truck with a 2.4 liter and manual transmission.

Try jumping the solenoid. Momentarily connect the battery lead to the “start” post and see if it engages. Make sure the engine ground is clean and tight. If the solenoid refuses to engage when it is jumped, replace it…

this is repely to my own question as possibly more information may be needed. When the ignition switch is turned all that is heard is a single “click” noise.

i actually have a new solenoid and starter motor. So if that checks out as good which i am sure it will could it all be related to bad cables or a low battery.

if i am getting at least 11.73 volt at the spade connector plug from the wire from the ignition starter switch can the neutral safety switch still be the problem?

You have checked both ends of all the battery cables have you not? You have had the battery load tested have you not?

Did it function when you first put in the new starter? It is not at all unusual for a new (rebuilt) starter to be defective.

i did check both ends of the battery cable the volt reading is the same as at the battery post, which is 12.15 volts. initially, when i first had the problem i suspected the starter motor/solenioid, I had it checked and the solenoid was bad. So i bought a rebuilt unit and installed it. Same problem persist so maybe the “new” rebuilt starter is bad.

But what about the lower voltage reading at the solenoid spade connecter plug wire from the ignition switch? it’s only 11.7 volts when the actual reading from the battery is 12.15.