Starting Toyota 2005 Corolla after bit over year of sitting

I have a plan for starting my 2005 Toyota Corolla after it has been sitting for a year. I tried starting it after sitting for many months and the engine was shaking when it was running so I think the oil may have dripped down out of the engine cylinders. So this will be the second time I am starting with in the year time frame it has been siting. I plan to do the following when starting it.

  1. Siphon out all the the old gasoline because it is probably stale. Then add a small amount of fresh gas (1 gallon) with one quarter bottle of (Iso HEET +injector cleaner water remover) 1 bottle treats 20 gallons so the injector cleaner water remover will be more concentrated and increase the chances of the car starting and running better. Add some fuel stabilizer to deal with crappy gas in fuel lines??

  2. Check to make sure the oil levels are OK with the dip stick

  3. Replace the battery.

  4. Take out the old spark plugs and spray “engine fogging oil” into the spark plug holes or use a product called “Marvel mystery oil” in the holes. (how much marvel mystery oil should I use??)

  5. Turn the key to the ignition with the spark plugs removed to “turn over the engine” and get the engine fogging oil or Marvel mystery oil to spread around the cylinders and pistons to lube the engine.

  6. Replace the old spark plugs with new ones.

  7. Spray starter fluid on the engine air intake.

  8. Attempt to start the car.

Am I doing anything here wrong that can mess up my engine??

Replace the engine oil and syphon out the old gasoline from the tank. Fill up with fresh gasoline. Make sure battery is fully charge before attempting to start the car.Inspect brake rotors and drums for excessive rust.That should do it.

You are on the right track, but use less HEET. Mixing a 1/4 bottle with one gallon of gasoline will give you a very high concentration of alcohol, maybe put 5 gallons of gas in with 1/4 bottle.

Once you have some oil squirted in the cyls use a large socket and breaker bar on the pulley outside if you can reach it to turn the engine. If you can’t reach it just bump the starter for a second to turn the engine just a bit. Once you have bumped it a bit see it will start.

Best of luck

Siphoning out the fuel tank will not remove the stale fuel in the fuel lines. For that you would need to run the fuel pump - but be careful not to let it run dry for any length of time. Then put in a gallon or more of fresh fuel. The Heet or fuel system cleaner won’t help it start, but may over a period of time running help clean any deposits in the fuel system. Most of the steps you describe are optional - you probably don’t need to do them. Good luck.