Car struggles to start

I have a 2005 Toyota corolla with a little over 200,000 miles on it. My car was struggling to start (but would start after several seconds of turning the key. I figured it needed a new battery because the other battery was old. I had the battery replaced and they cleaned the terminals because they told me they were corroded. With the new battery though, the car is still struggling to start. What could be the issue?

The next time you go to start the engine, turn the ignition switch on so the dash lights come on for two seconds and then turn the ignition switch off. Repeat this a half dozen times and then try starting the engine.

If the engine immediately starts, there’s a problem with the anti-drain back valve in the fuel pump assembly.


Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this, but the car still struggles to start. Any other suggestions?


Slightly step on the gas pedal while starting the engine.

If the engine starts there’s a problem with the Idle Air Control valve.


Did this suggestion. Car still sounds like it is struggling to start. Takes me holding the key turn on for three seconds before it finally starts

When was the last time you put a new set of sparkplugs in it?

Heavily coked intake valves can cause extended crank time.

At 200,000 miles, there are a lot of things that can cause crank time to be extended. Low compression, coked valves, and worn ignition components among them. I like to start with the basics.

Thanks for the suggestions. Not sure on the spark plugs. I’ll have to look into that. It was my husbands car before we got married and I know it hasn’t had new once since we got married. So it’s been at least five years. Do you think it would be best to start with a fuel injector or should I just take it to a shop?

Take it to a reputable independently owned and operated shop. Chances are excellent that it’ll be something basic, like overdue maintenance.
Let us know how you make out.