Starting problems-- Subaru Legacy P0335

I have a 1995 Subaru Legacy LSI with a 2.2L engine and 159,420 miles.

If I don’t let the car warm up completely than the car will not start the next time. It cranks but does not ignite. After it cools off completely it will start normally.

For instance: After driving one mile (helping a friend move) I turn off the car. Ten minutes later I try and fail to start it. Fifteen minutes later it starts normally.

The Check Engine Light turns on when this happens. Three or four successful starts later the light turns off. After rebuilding the starter solenoid (and avoiding short trips) I found out that this model was OBDII compliant in '95 so I got this reading:

“Troubleshooting P0335


aaCKP sensor “A” circuit signal fault”

My Chilton says I need to remove the timing belt and all the mess that comes before it so I thought I’d ask around first. Has anyone had a experience with a starting issue like this? What did you figure out?


subaru service campain wxd-61 says you must replace both the cam and crank sensors-subaru part #22090AA000 sensor kit

Huh-- that gives me a nice warm feeling. Score one for OBDII. Science!
Thanks for the tip about the sensor kit-- the crankshaft sensor alone at a generic parts store cost as much as the kit containing two sensors from the Subaru dealership.
I did have to remove the alternator and completely pull the battery but the process stopped short of the timing belt. I’ve tried to get it to fail but so far the problem seems fixed!
Thank you!

An even bigger question is how long has it been since the timing belt was serviced, if ever?

The timing belt was replaced last fall. I haven’t put on much mileage since. The starting problems began the summer of that year. The starting glitch happened so rarely at first that I didn’t notice the pattern.
There’s a pulley wheel in front of the timing belt that sucks to pull off, hence my phobia. Having it off once makes it easier but I still get nervous putting force on nuts and bolts on the engine block.
Do you see potential problems or are you noting the mileage?

1995 legacy same problem, OK cold start and OK fully warmed-up, but if between 3/4 warm and fully warm she cranks-over just fine but will not restart. No CEL ever. Smells VERY rich out the pipe on trying to restart. If she is fully warmed-up then no problem ever. Suspect a faulty engine temp sensor - mebbe it “thinks” the engine is still cold and makes the mixture WAY too rich to re-start when warm but not 100% warmed-up. Anyone know if the “coolant temp sensor” is for the engine ECU or for the temp gage? Is there a sep sensor for the engine ECU? Hate to change the wrong sensor for nothing… HELP!!!