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Starter died

My starter died,as I was driving my car. I heard a terrible screeching noise, and drove it about two miles to my old auto repair, where, the starter died in their parking lot. My question is, what are the chances of my fly wheel being damaged, or what other part may be broken?

Starters don’t do anything while you are driving, so not sure what you mean here.

As I was driving, my starter began screeching and reeving as if I was turning it on, when it was already on.The mechanic, turned the key on it made the same noise. He turned off the car and was unable to restart my car again.He said starters have a distinct sound, and that was it.

When the mechanic pulls the starter to change it he/she can get a look at the teeth on the flywheel. Usually the teeth on the bendix drive of the starter are made softer than the flywheel so the starter suffers more damage than the flywheel. This case seems extreme with the starter running for a prolonged time and gears colliding with the flywheel. Anybodies guess whether the flywheel was damaged. For your sake we’ll hope not.

Thanks for the reply and the detail. At this point I’m just waiting for the diagnosis, which will be tomorrow when the part arrives. Sigh