Starting Issues in Cool (not Cold) Weather

We have a 1998 Subaru Outback that last year we bought from a family member. The car has been pretty gently used (only 64K in all that time) but lately has been giving us a curious problem.

Sometimes when we turn the key, all we hear is a click and the car will just refuse to start. Sometimes the car will turn over after several clicks(and when you give it gas then eventually the RPMs will shoot really high, the car will rev and then start). The only pattern I can deduce is related to outside temperature: The car seems to have more problems turning over when it is cool (but not cold) outside, while warm/hot weather presents no problem.

A week will pass with no problems starting and then one morning we’ll go out to start the car and nothing happens. We’ve yet to seek mechanical assistance since we’re a bit poor right now and the problem has gotten better then worse then nonexistent. What gives??

When you hear click you mean the engine is not turning? If so the likely culprit is a weak battery or issue in the charging system. Some autoparts stores check your charging system for free. Most of the time it is a simple battery replacement.