Starting at Neutral



I have 1994 Nissan Sentra (automatic). Last Monday it decided not to start in the park position. The battery was not dead. I had a good a mount of gas in my tank. Then a friend of mine tried starting it in Neutral and it started. Ever since then I can only start the car in Neutral. What could be my problem? I’m guessing it is the neutral safety switch. Can I just keep starting my car in Neutral or do I really have to bring it in for repair? I’m only a student so I prefer not to spend a lot for repairs if I can just bypass the Park gear to start my “old, cheap” car.



No problem. You are probably correct about a bad neutral safety switch although it could also be a misadjusted linkage. But you can continue to drive as-is.

In fact, if you locate the switch you can ground its wire and be able to start your car in any gear. (This is not recommended but it is indeed a possibility.)